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Mission Statement

Friends of Indian Heights (FOIH) provide stewardship, advocacy, and education to actively preserve, restore, and respect the endangered environment and unified neighborhood of Indian Heights Park (IHP) and Thompson Mill Race Park (TMRP) in Rochester, Minnesota so that they can remain viable historic, natural areas for all to enjoy.

Park and Environmental Stewardship

  1. FOIH fosters and advocates for the preservation, conservation, protection and restoration of the unique geologic, flora, fauna, cultural, and scenic features that currently exist or historically existed within IHP and TMRP.

  2. FOIH works with the city administrators and other community groups who seek to change the parks current amenities, and advises on the ecological and community impacts of any proposed changes.

  3. FOIH coordinates and trains community volunteers in environmental projects, such as oak savanna restoration, replanting natural flora, and removing intrusive plants like buckthorn, honeysuckle, garlic mustard, white and yellow clover, and other invasive species.

  4. FOIH supports and encourages low-impact recreation in these parks.

  5. FOIH actively maintains these park areas as litter-free through the City’s Adopt-A-Park Program.

  6. FOIH will support its mission through grants, membership fees, in-kind gifts of goods and services, and other fundraising activities.

Community and Neighborhood Stewardship

  1. FOIH works with the City administrators and community partners to provide contemplative learning opportunities that co-exist with low impact recreational enthusiasts.

  2. FOIH seeks to maintain safe, welcoming, and inclusive neighborhoods for people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds by partnering with community organizations such as RNeighbors, Rochester’s Neighborhood Resource Center, Neighborhood Watch of the Rochester Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit, and other local programs.

  3. FOIH seeks to sustain attractive environs by fostering neighborhood beautification and restoration projects.

Recreation and Education Stewardship

  1. FOIH preserves these Parks' natural flora and fauna while enabling safe, low impact outdoor recreation for both active and passive enthusiasts.

  2. FOIH recognizes the positive effect on community mental, physical, and spiritual health afforded by the rare opportunity for serenity and contemplation in a wild, natural environment within the city limits.

  3. FOIH strongly encourages educational opportunities that come from preserving these Parks’ natural flora and fauna, and we support academic and life-long learners’ use of the park for increased understanding of Rochester's cultural and natural history .

  4. FOIH, in conjunction with regional, academic and community resources, provides learning opportunities about Native American and Pioneer use of the Indian Heights areas.